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Our products have received acclaim for their superior technical specifications, quality and value.


Real Time Real Learning Universal Versatile  Hardware Design Lab - Perfect Educational Solution.
An integral part of Laboratory training is TKBase - an Universal  FPGA/CPLD/μC/ARM7/DSP/PIC/PSoC -based hardware evaluation  kit.  TKBase acts as a reconfigurable implementation platform to  allow rapid interchangeable and interactive prototype  development.


TKμP - PC Windows hosted universal μP Hands-on Training Tool for 8086, MCS51, 8085
Combine TKμP, UXASM Assembler with ADM's versatile 50Mhz LGLite Logic Analyzer and you have a complete, interactive μP lab without the need for any external test instruments.


XDS100-USB Emulator TMS320 DSP Series Hardware Design Lab.
TKBase320 is a full featured PC hosted 32 bit DSP μC training tool aimed at helping the academic world incorporate TMS320 series DSP controllers into their projects and courses so that students have experience with cutting edge technology as well as the most modern tools and software's..


8085, 8051, 8086, PicoBlaze, Z80, 6502, 1802, 80196
UXASM was designed for flexibility and ease-of-use in mind requiring no special skills or training. It supports popular architecture, from 4 bit to 32 bit, and is widely programmable to support any instruction-set, syntax and opcode format.


Crossware C Cross Compiler
ADM presents the Crossware C Cross Compiler that brings to developers the power of sophisticated, next-generation C/C++ compiler technology, the Embedded Development Studio (EDS) , allowing engineers to take full advantage of the highly-popular μController architecture.


Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator
LG480 Embedded Debug Tools operates under Microsoft WindowsTM and offer a wide combination of Logic Analyzer and Patter Generator configuration's which are easy to use and provide many features for the hardware and software designer of embedded systems.


Outstanding Training Platform
Armed with a premium hands-on educational tools for digital, μC & FPGA
based technology, we are offering a truly outstanding training platform
that will prepare your engineers not only to meet the challenges of
tomorrow but to thrive on them.


Versatile Embedded Design Lab
LGIce - designed from the ground-up for Windows 95/98/XP
increases users flexibility by providing a familiar software interface with
an enhanced integration of various Emulator
and Logic analyzer resources.